Dear art enthusiasts, 


this project was initiated by the artist with a 35-year-long expertise in working with a variety of materials and techniques and creating unique works of art. His reputation is particularly credited in the fields of sculpture and painting.

For this reason, the artist’s decision was made to stay incognito for this otherwise untypical and novel project!

The artist’s authorized representative will gladly welcome any questions you might have.

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As soon as the metal is liquefied in the process of welding, it becomes awaken. 

Metal changes its shape in an unforeseeable way under the influence of a temperature rise.

This enables the formation of exceptional effects as well as creation of graceful metal paintings, metal sculptures, jewelry, interior and exterior design objects, doors, banisters, parapets, heating elements as well as chandeliers, lamps and other illumination objects.

Specially combined with precious woods these uniquely manufactured works of art attain an exclusive and distinctive art quality which is impossible to duplicate!

Refined craftsmanship, skilled welding technique and sophisticated design – these qualities allow the artist to transform stainless steel and high-quality woods into art for indoors and outdoors.

Such art works will undoubtedly suit as a remarkable addition to sophisticated and stylish furnishing in tasteful houses, hotels and gardens!