Enjoy the exquisite elegance that lies within the soul of metal!

Metal, comparable to wax, melts and subsequently hardens creating a harmonious shape and a unique composition that certainly cannot be imitated.

Once metal is immersed in flames, the fire encloses the material. This embrace causes miracles allowing the metal to become alive meanwhile taking on a perfect and harmonious shape from nature itself.

Traces of flames in shimmering yet subtle color palette remain forever imprinted and solidified on the surface of individual murals, metal sculptures and metal jewelry. Solely the power of flames united with the inner power of metal enable to create incomparable lines and shapes in a completely unpredictable and creative way.

Precisely this spontaneous originality of the project makes it distinguishable from the multitude of other wonderful artistic treasures of our world! 


Illumination objects, table lamps, lights, light panels for walls, chandeliers and floor lamps were created as part of this project with the artful technique of welding. Together with the above mentioned elements, furniture, sculptures, metal wall paintings, chimneys, fountains as well as metal jewelry, which were manufactured from sheet metal and stainless steel, became transformed into artistic works.

As a philosophy, art enables a unique manifestation of artist's thoughts, visions and moods through application of materials. Therefore, precisely such philosophy of natural shape and lineation along with its construction - special metal welding technique and unique sequential processing - allows for transformation of everyday objects into works of art. 

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